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In 2013, the Chapman Foundation established the Infinite Learning Center to provide tutoring in math and reading for students in grades K - 12.  Students are partnered with Temple University students that have shown achievement in academics.  Each student is examined to determine their strengths / weaknesses and receive a personalized learning plan that meets their academic needs.  Students are assisted with their academic goals in school, state exams (i.e. PSSA and Keystones) as well as college entrance exams (i.e. SAT PSAT and ACT).  Our tutors closely monitor students' progress and help students build their confidence whether it comes to doing homework assignments or taking a big exam.

Offering Instruction and Homework Help in Math & Reading

Educational Challenges due to COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way children are educated with most of the related consequence being negative.  The school lockdowns that started in the spring of 2020 reduced instructional and learning time, which are known to impede student performance, with disparate impacts on different groups of students (report from Economic Policy Institute).  Since that time, schools and parents have been searching for ways to keep students engaged and facilitate independent learning.  

Research studies have shown that home schooling works well when sufficient and personalized educational resources are available​. 

Covid-19 Screening

Our Response to COVID-19


The Infinite Learning center has redesigned our program to help address the unfortunate challenges schools, parents, and students are currently facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Switching all tutoring programs to an online platform

  • Expanding services to students residing outside 

  • Increasing the number of instructors specializing in special education

  • Working with ZaNet Analytics Corporation on the creation of online learning resources

Math Formulas

Tutoring in Mathematics

Math & statistics have long histories of causing anxiety in students, making these courses difficult to teach.  In addition, research studies have shown that women and minorities have historically shown less interest in STEM related fields.

Through personalized and immersive learning, our programs are designed to help alleviate math anxiety and promote education of STEM fields to students in underrepresented populations. 

Girls in the Library

Tutoring in Reading / LA

It has long been perceived that third grade reading scores can predict the number of future prison beds needed.  Whether this is a myth or not, research studies have shown strong connections between early low literacy skills and increasing incarceration rates.

A major emphasis of our program is to increase students' reading and comprehensive skills.  This is achieved by meeting students where they are and including lessons and stories of most interest to them.  Our tutors also assist with various levels of writing.

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